Life is about growing and maturing. When you are born you are helpless. You cant feed yourself. You cant clothe yourself. You can’t take care of yourself. You need someone else for everything. Babies don’t do anything. They just eat, cry, crap, sleep, repeat. As a baby grows it learns. The young boy or girl […]


Most of us go through this life trying to figure out who we are, what makes us important, and what is important to us. Along the way we go through things. We end up with more baggage than a shopaholic on Black Friday. We go through this journey of life trying to find our identity. […]

Zombie Church

My book Zombie Church is available (for a limited time) as a free online download (offer ends January 6th). You pay for the book by tweeting it or posting it to your Facebook page. Even if you already have the book you can help me promote it by tweeting or reposting this. Here is the […]


Let me start with this: this post may be controversial. If you want to talk, let’s dialogue. If you want to argue or fight…please do us both a favor and just skip it. Tolerance and acceptance are not the same thing. The distinction between them, while seemingly subtle, is incredibly profound. The terms are not […]


Death is never easy thing to deal with. It reminds us of our own finite nature. We like to believe we will forever. We behave as if that is the case. Death reminds us that our time here is limited. It’s an unpleasant truth. Even when the person who died was a Christian and we […]


As a child, Christmas was a magical time of year for me. It was filled with elves, snowmen, and perhaps most importantly, a reindeer with a glowing red nose. I never stopped to question how his nose would allow Santa to see through fog. (The high beams on my car barely do that). I never […]


In recent years there has been a growing distinction between who Jesus is and what religion teaches. It’s an important separation no doubt about that. What is interesting is how quickly we turn back to religion even in our efforts to get away from it. We get this idea in our heads that breaking away […]

Give them something

For years I focused on preparing and preaching sermons. I devoted myself to making the Sunday morning top notch. While I am still convinced this is a worthy goal I have come to realize something: talking to people about Jesus isn’t what really gets them to change. They need opportunities to experience Him. Over the […]

Being Good

I grew up on the “supposed to” diet of the religious faith. It was pretty simple, all of life was comprised of two lists. One list were the good things we were supposed to do while the other was a bad list of things we were not supposed to do. Great debate ensued in regards […]

Friends with belief conflicts

Several years back I heard a statistic that bothered me. I can’t quote it from memory but the point was about two years after their conversion, most Christians don’t have non-Christian friends anymore. As a pastor this broke my heart for I knew that the reason wasn’t new converts were in the regular habit of […]