Jesus goes Trick or Treating

It seems like every year October kicks of controversial. As Halloween rolls around the religious zealot war over costumes and candy begins. Secular people prepare for Halloween while churches wiggle around trying to figure out how to navigate these choppy waters without making someone mad. To some Halloween is a harmless night of fun and […]

Zombie Church

  The Condition   Imagine going to a new church for the first time. You walk in, receive a bulletin and proceed awkwardly to your seat. You can feel the glances of the strangers around you, assessing your appearance. The worship starts and people sing songs of joy with expressions of apathy. The preacher delivers […]

Why religion?

Someone asked me today, why religion is our default mode? Why we always turn to it even when we know deep down we shouldn’t. I started thinking about it. My conclusion was that it comes down to control. Religion is something we DO. It doesn’t have to be your identity. It doesn’t require surrender. It […]

Blame it on the A-a-a-a-a-Alcohol

Sometimes dealing with people is like playing capture the flag in a field of land mines. Without even realizing it you can take a wrong step and then: BOOM. The church in particular is full of hot button items ready to go off. Most of the issues that we focus on make sense, or at […]


Let me start with this: this post may be controversial. If you want to talk, let’s dialogue. If you want to argue or fight…please do us both a favor and just skip it. Tolerance and acceptance are not the same thing. The distinction between them, while seemingly subtle, is incredibly profound. The terms are not […]


Death is never easy thing to deal with. It reminds us of our own finite nature. We like to believe we will forever. We behave as if that is the case. Death reminds us that our time here is limited. It’s an unpleasant truth. Even when the person who died was a Christian and we […]


In recent years there has been a growing distinction between who Jesus is and what religion teaches. It’s an important separation no doubt about that. What is interesting is how quickly we turn back to religion even in our efforts to get away from it. We get this idea in our heads that breaking away […]

Doing something

We see a lot of things that are wrong. Often times we brush them off and ignore them because doing something about it would be too difficult or inconvenient. Sometimes people do bad things. What is worse is that the people of God so often do nothing about it. We look at things in the […]

What’s the Problem?

One of the most frustrating things to me about the Christian community is the sheer amount of time we waste taking sniper shots at each other. We think we have the right, in the name of “protecting sound doctrine” or “defending the truth” to act in completely unloving and ungracious ways towards each other. We […]