When did Jesus die?

The Gospel is the story of Jesus. It’s tells of the Son of God who took on flesh and became a man. Who lived a righteous life without sin and became the sacrifice for sin. Jesus laid down His life for us. God loved us so much that He sent His Son to die in […]


So we thought we left the cold weather when we moved to the southeast. Apparently that was an incorrect hypothesis. This marks the second week this winter where we are basically iced in the house. I appreciate my laptop and home office much more now as they allow me to continue to be effective getting […]


What would happen if our view of time were to change? For a country that as seen by others as “where their God on their wrists” what would it even look like? The cultural norm at this point is busyness. The busier you are the more important you must be. To what end? Are our […]

Time and dates

When I was growing up my sister used to saw “11:11” savor the moment. She liked how all the numbers lined up. Over the years I’ve come to realize she is not the only one. 07-07-07 there were a crazy number of weddings, at least in the town I lived in, and ever since then […]