outlandsfinalFall in line. Fit in. Do what you are told. Find your place. Behave. To survive in the city of Dios you need to be invisible. Being different makes you a treat. Treats are neutralized. It’s all too much for Jett Lasting. Jett is an undesirable, an orphan born outside of a rigid caste system. He lives in one of the few cities to survive after the Great Collapse. The world outside reduced to ash and dust. The air toxic. The land hostile and barren. Inside the city things aren’t much better. An uncompromising group of leaders known as the Patriarch demand total obedience to their systematic rule. Jett’s desire to be someone, to stand out lands him in between a cruel and powerful government and a dangerous rebel leader. Unable to conform any longer Jett with the aid of his friends and fellow undesirables takes a stand. A simple desire for freedom becomes a struggle to create a new world. Jett soon learns in Dios, nothing is what it seems.



mechania copy 2Fox is not a soldier. He has no combat training. He spends most of his day with his nose in a book. When the airship carrying the Ambassador from Techaria is attacked outside the Hall of Governance the peace negations between the Techarians and the Mechanias are threatened. If the ambassador dies, it will mean a war.  Fox, a low level archivist stumbles upon a strange device known only as a Talon. Not realizing what it is he picks up and the device joins with him. On the roof of the Hall of Governance the terrorists, strange men in grey cloaks attack the Mechanian troops attempting to rescue the ambassador. The only hope of saving the Ambassador and preventing a war lies with Fox and the mysterious Talon he now carries.


Hands of Fate

Hands of Fate copyGary Otterman is not important. He is not famous. He is not successful. He is ordinary. Not the kind of man you notice. He spends his days in a little office, working from a little cubical, on projects of little importance. Most of the time Gary lives in a dream world. He spends his days imagining he was someone else. How he would love to be a famous musician. Someone with skill and talent. Someone who people noticed. When his friend Eric scores a couple of tickets to a  new game show called The Hands of Fate Gary life changes. He meets a man in a strange black robe who gives him a mysterious notebook which will give Gary the power to make anything happen simply by writing it down. Armed with the tools to make his dreams a reality Gary writes himself a new life. He has it all. Everything he could want or imagine is at his fingertips. Using the mysterious notebook comes at a price. Gary is soon to discover just how great a price it can take.

The Swordsman

the swordsman copyRevenge. That’s what drives him. Dakkin is a killer. He is a murderer. Or at least it seems that way.Wanted for murder Dakkin is pursed by imperial guards and hired assassins but he has a quarry of his own. The monster responsible for slaughtering his village must be brought to justice. Nothing will stop him. No beast nor man can get in his way. His mission is dangerous. His foe too great for him to defeat alone. Forced into an uneasy alliance Dakkin joins forces with Caden, a wild and unpredictable swordsman. The alliance with either result in his death or his salvation.





Kingdom by the Sea

kots copyThe sign on John Devere’s office read Deputy Assistant Secretary of Defense. He hadn’t had the job long. In light of recent events he wasn’t likely to keep for very long either. He was expected to execute a national threat assessment when a massive city suddenly rises up from the depths of the Atlantic ocean just off the Florida coast. The strange city dwarfed New York itself. It was protected by some impenetrable barrier. With a hysteric nation, a sensationalized media, and fearful leaders ready to strike first and ask questions later it seemed a war was dawning. How could they fight someone they didn’t know? Their attempts at communication had failed. They hadn’t been able to get anything or anyone inside the barrier surrounding the city. Only one person knew anything about these mysterious people who lived in a floating city, Matthew Gaver, and he had disappeared.

Matt didn’t like attention. He worked as a diver and spent most his time in the water by himself. Now he was the most wanted man on the planet. Everyone wanted to talk to him about what he knew. He didn’t know anything. He didn’t remember being inside the strange city. Thrust against his will into the global spotlight Matt becomes the only link between the humans and the mysterious people known as the Tritons. With a war brewing Matt races against the clock to discover more about these mysterious people in hopes of stopping a war that seems inevitable.

Seeds of Insurrection

Seeds of Insurrection copyIt’s been less than a year since the Thanese invasion. The free peoples of the four-kingdoms owe their freedom to Merdania, the largest of the four kingdoms. Lady Lorenzia, ruler of Merdania, came to Brendale to meet with the council of the free people to put an end to the Ra’Taran invasions into her lands. Lured under a promise of peace Lorenzia finds herself betrayed by the people she protected. Despite her efforts she is ensnared in the plot of Garen, Lord of Ra’Tara people whose falls claims against her result in Lorenzia’s imprisonment. With the Merdanian kingdom plundered and taken over by the Ra’Tarans the only hope Lorenzia has for herself or her people lies with a few surviving guards. Alec and Tanis, Medanian guards loyal to the Lady Lorenzia find their home has been taken from them. Gathering unlikely allies they set out to insight a rebellion and rescue the Lady Lorenzia before it is too late.